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  • Release Date: 20-01-2020, 17:50
  • Total Downloads: 7 955
  • Category: Audio Plugins
  • Uploaded By: aaronmaxi
Looking for a new MIDI sequencer to drive your synths and effects? HY-Plugins released HY-RPE, an eight-track step sequencer that you should definitely check out. Being a great-looking plug-in aside, HY-RPE has 8 block chainer units in addition to the 8 grid sequencer tracks, and supports step velocity, probability, and trigger timing features. 

HY SeqCollection features five sequencer modes – acid, dark, m5816, step16, hexa. Acid is partly inspired, as expected, by the legendary Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer – expect to deal with 16s, accents, and slides. Dark follows after the Doepfer Dark Time hardware analog sequencer. The M5816 is a recreation of the M185 MK2 sequencer for the Roland 100m modular synth. Step16 borrows from the Analog Solutions EKG, an 8-step analog sequencer for Eurorack systems. Finally, the Hexa Seq is an original creation and it’s a probability-based sequencer. 

  •  8 grid sequencer tracks
  •  8 block chainer units
  •  Multi-slider for step velocity, probability and trigger timing
  •  Mute/Solo control per track
  •  Snapshot per track
  •  Resizable window
  •  Preset manager 
HY-RPE v1.1.31 Full version

Download HY-RPE v1.1.31 Full version

Windows: 4.65 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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