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  • Release Date: 27-01-2020, 12:26
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Kerish Doctor is an all-in-one solution for automatic maintenance of Windows-based computers. The application prevents crashes, corrects system errors, eliminates digital garbage, optimizes performance and keeps the computer safe. Thanks to its unique engine, Kerish Doctor prevents Windows crashes in real time and reliably corrects system registry errors.

The application regularly performs thorough and completely safe cleaning of the system and eliminates the accumulated digital “garbage”, which increases system performance. Kerish Doctor protects your computer from malware, potential vulnerabilities and controls its most important security parameters.

The Smart Update system timely updates the databases and application algorithms that our experts constantly improve. Thanks to this system, the efficiency of the solution increases day by day and makes it the most promising product of its kind.


 Keeping the computer healthy
  • The application uses a one-of-a-kind Real-Time Failure Detection technology to prevent Windows crashes in real time.
  •  It regularly fixes system registry errors and corrupted keys, keeping the risk of computer failures to a minimum.
  • Kerish Doctor also features the largest database of the most common Windows problems, letting you fix them with just a click. All unresolved problems appear in a list.

 Taking out digital trash
  • The application regularly cleans the computer by removing digital trash – system and application cache files that accumulate over time.
  • Intelligent PC Clean is the most advanced PC cleanup method that takes into account the date when each file was accessed last.
  • This prevents accidental removal of temporary files that are still in use by the system or applications. In contrast with other products, this method guarantees the safest and least intrusive cleanup.

 Improving performance
  • Kerish Doctor analyzes the system and issues recommendations on improving computer performance that can be implemented with just a click.
  • The application optimizes operating system settings, the operation of system services, and Internet connection parameters to achieve peak performance.
  • Game Booster technology improves performance of computer games.

 Protection against threats and vulnerabilities
  • Kerish Doctor protects the computer against malware and riskware and detects vulnerabilities in Windows settings. The application promptly warns you about vulnerabilities detected in installed applications and helps you to patch them.
  • Kerish Deblocker functionality effectively neutralizes any malware that blocks the computer even after the computer has been blocked.

 Total control
  • Kerish Doctor helps to you keep tabs on the most important computer events.
  • It will warn you about new autorun applications (those launched at Windows startup), new system services installed, new home pages set, new browser extensions added, and much more.
  • You can undo these events with just a click.
Kerish Doctor 2020 v4.80 Full version

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